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Portrait of Claudia Erdheim
by Nina Werzhbinskaja-Rabinowich


ISBN 3-85409-296-2



"Virve" is a character study. Half Swedish, half Estonian, half friend, half enemy, she constantly commands or forbids everyone something, and is simply not acquainted with European social manners. She has an enormous commitment to Estonia, but connects it in a very subjective way to her own interests.

"Rice Chicken Fish" is about an infection that leads to a vitality destroying intestinal illness, which repeatedly hinders a planned trip to Russia. The story deals with medical malpractice, ignorance and presumption. No Austrian doctor knows of the disease, the symptoms are explained as simply psychosomatic, and the patient is tortured with all kinds of repulsive examinations. A medication is prescribed that leads to lasting damages. But it would not be


Claudia Erdheim if behind these descriptions of suffering there would not be meticulous observation and irony, as well as an unshakable fighting spirit, just as strong as a yearning for Russia and a desire for bacon and gorgonzola.