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Portrait of Claudia Erdheim
by Nina Werzhbinskaja-Rabinowich


Scenes from a Psychotherapeutic Practice

Herzbüche - Szenen aus der psychotherapeutischen Praxis

ISBN 3-85409-084-6




"Thursday : group. Friday, Saturday, Sunday: nothing. Monday: group. Tuesday, Wednesday: nothing."


Appointments for group therapy as rescue islands in an ocean of days and months of nothingness. Among these one finds broken bits of an odyssey through an endless tunnel of psychotherapy (and also, but only on the side, of a Viennese woman through northern Germany). Notes about complications that creep in are emphatic: rivalries between the patients, the feeling that even here one is less respected as a woman, the addiction to therapy, the idealization of the therapist. Although the therapeutic process wavers at the beginning between grief and a certain comic, with time it becomes catastrophic.


The husband is drawn into the happenings, and rules of abstinence are disregarded Uncontrolled emotions and aggressions bring the apparently separated realms of medical and personal bonds into confusion: therapeutic work as sickness and martyrdom.