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Portrait of Claudia Erdheim
by Nina Werzhbinskaja-Rabinowich

Have You Gone Mad?

Bist du wahnsinnig geworden?

ISBN 3-85409-069-2



Bist du wahnsinnig geworden?

A daughter looks back on her childhood without sentimentality: the mother, a psychoanalyst during the first years after the war raises her two daughters alone. The daughters are often left to themselves, but are not allowed to play with certain other children. The mother's earlier experiences and fears (from the difficult years before and during the war) still affect everyday life - the family eats hastily; inherited furniture is not allowed to be moved away, even if one or the other piece is more than shabby. A typical childhood of the fifties, but in its way unique. Told from the perspective of the child, it is emphatic and linguistically brilliant. The mother, an intellectually enlightened and emancipated woman, is fixated on her career, therapy and patients. Burdens resulting from this situation are excellently related. Insofar, this novel is an important literary source for a subject that has until now been taboo: what type of family situation arises for those who are strongly tied to social or therapeutic work (teachers, social workers or doctors)?